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Charles Burns

'The Roving Artist'


Charles Burns is a wandering artist whose unique skill with the scissors will break the ice at any event.

Curious about art from an early age, he was fortunate to find a teacher who believed in the basics of drawing (a rarity these days!) He began cutting silhouettes after years of drawing, fascinated by the accurate portrait likeness he could achieve this way.

What follows are some suggestions about ways in which this seemingly old-fashioned skill can be applied in the 1990's!

"The best silhouettes are those which seem to capture the character, as well as the likeness".

Silhouettes at Parties

The art of cutting silhouette profiles freehand from black paper is something of a lost art.

Reminiscent of Victorian days these paper "cameos" are cut straight out, in a matter of seconds, using just a pair of scissors. Charles will wander among your guests "cutting heads". These are then mounted into ovals and handed out as a souvenir of the evening.

Table Hopping

Silhouettes go down very well when cut "around the tables" at sit-down dinners. Charles will wander from table to table cutting a few silhouettes at each one. The audience can watch the silhouette "appear", as if by magic, in the artist's hands.

Outdoor Summer Events

The "silhouette Stall" is a unique side show, and always proves very popular, especially among families.

Open days, Garden Parties, Corporate Events.

These kind of venues offer a unique opportunity for people to watch this fascinating craft at close quarters.

Trade Fairs

Why not book the roving artist to appear on your stand for the duration of a show? Word will soon spread that you have an artist on your stand, and the crowds will gather!

Theme Evenings

With a variety of costumes the roving artist can appear as a traditional Victorian Artisan, Georgian Silhouettist, cliched French Artist, "Wild West" American Artist, 1920's Gangster.... Well, anything really. Your imagination is the limit!

Fund Raising Events

The high perceived value and collectability of silhouettes means that people can often be persuaded to dig deep into their pockets to have one done.... In a good cause of course!

Silhouette Miniatures

Exquisitely crafted miniature portraits in profile, often highlighted in gold (in traditional style) or even in full colour.



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